Quilts by Barb

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Reach for the Stars
Chris Log Cabin
Sue's Log Cabin
Card of a Different Color
Pineapple Quilts
misc quilts
Antique Dresdan Plate
Mary Ann's Log Cagin
Heather's Log Cabin
Diane Witt
Marge's Golf Quilt
Connie's Posy Quilt
Diane K Tumbling Logs
Katrina's Log Cabin
Mariner's Compass on the Nine Patch
Summer Wreath
Nikki's Mariner's Compass
Chains of Love
Kim's Retreat Quilt
Kathy's Retreat Quilt
Heather's Retreat Quilt
Chris' Halloween wallhanging
Jewel Box #1
  • Jewel Box #1
  • 5 Photos | Updated March 7, 2008
  • by quiltsbybarb
Jewel Box #2
  • Jewel Box #2
  • 4 Photos | Updated March 7, 2008
  • by quiltsbybarb
Rag Flowers by Heather
Floral Reflect
Kansas City Star Prairie
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