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           Price List for Machine Quilting


 Bare Bones Quilting -If you have a quilt top  that  never got quilted or you just don't want to spend a lot of money on getting it quilted, this is the category for you.


What is bare bones quilting?  It is a medium to large meander done throughout the whole quilt, including borders.  This is very economical but you will still end up with a beautiful quilt with the outstanding workmanship that you are used to receiving from Quilts by Barb.


With bare bones quilting, your quilt is returned to you untrimmed.  This saves me time and you money!!


 Some restrictions apply to bare bones quilting. 

  • Batting must be purchased from Quilts by Barb.  If not purchased from Quilts by Barb there is a $10 handling fee.  This is for Bare Bones quiliting only.
  •  Backing must be ready to quilt unless purchased from Quilts by Barb.  If backing is not pressed or needs to be squares before quilting, there will be a $10 or more additional charge for this service. 
  • Any deviation in size of all over meandering or a pattern in the borders does not qualify as bare bones quilting.  
  • Quilts are not trimmed with bare bones quilting.  If you would like me to trim your quilt even with the quilt top, I would be glad to do this for a $10 fee.  This charge only applies to bare bones quilting.
  • Regular batting, thread and shipping charges apply.

 Cost of Bare Bones Quilting - .015 per square inch


Example:  90 X 100 inch quilt = 90 X 100 X .015 =  $135.00

                 Thread charge                                             6.00

                  96 inches Hobbs batting                            28.50

                  Total cost for a queen size quilt            $163.50

(does not include Wisconsin sales tax or shipping charges)


 All other Machine Quilting


QUILTING - There is usually 2 - 4 inches of shrinkage (width and length) from before to after quilting.  The price for quilting is the size of your quilt top before quilting.  All quilts will be returned trimmed even with the quilt top unless the customer requests to have their quilt returned untrimmed.


Designer overall designs - .027 per sq inch – Tell me what you want; I probably can come up with it!  Also great on “busy” quilts but just a step above.  If separate designs are quilted in the borders, custom quilting rates apply.




 BATTING –The following types of batting are available:


Thin polyester - $8.00  linear yard                              

Warm and Natural 50/50 or Warm and Natural 100% cotton -  $10.00 linear yard

Quilter’s Dream Poly-Select Black- $10.75 linear yard   (This batting is a must in those dark quilts.  Quilts up beautifully!) 


THREAD  - Regular thread - $1.00 per 20,000 stitches.  This is approximately one bobbin.

                     Specialty threads, such as variegated, jean thread, metallic, etc are
                                                   also available. $2.00 per bobbin used.


Backing – I would be happy to provide the perfect backing for your quilt.  I have white-on-white and different tan tones on hand at all times.  I also hand dye A LOT of custom backings for quilts.  I offer a huge price break on hand dyed backings for quilts that are quilted at Quilts by Barb.  Please ask for details and pricing. 


BINDING is available.  Customer furnishes about 1 yard of material to match their quilt.  This binding is double folded straight of grain binding that is hand stitched to the quilt back with mitered corners.  The charge is $2.00 per linear foot.


BIAS BINDING is also available.  The charge is $4.00 per linear foot.


SHIPPING CHARGE - $15.00 per order shipped.  This is the approximate cost for UPS shipping and insurance for one quilt.  If I return more than one in one shipment, the cost is still $15.00


-Prices are subject to change without notice-

May 15, 2017