Quilts by Barb

2010 Quilt - Papercraft - Scrapbooking Retreat Getaway Weekend

Love making cards and scrapbook pages but tired of the cost of supplies?  Looking for new and original ways to express your own individual style with all those paper supplies that you already have?  This retreat is for you!

Meet the instructor - Tisha Sandberg

I decided it is easiest to let Tisha tell about herself -

"I'm an artist living high above the Mississippi River, in rural southwest Wisconsin. I work with a wide variety of materials and have been interested in paper arts, i.e.: printmaking, photography, handmade books, etc., for many years. More recently, I've focused on quilting and ways of using ideas, materials and techniques associated with paper arts for quilt art projects. Most of my projects are original designs, and I often work free-form...meaning I make it up as I go along. I guess I sometimes enjoy not knowing how a project is going to turn out until it's done." 

 Tisha has taught a mini project at the Quilt Retreat Getaway Weekend for the last few years. She has also taught at various venues around the area including The Quilt Expo in Madison, WI.  Tisha is an artist! 

see more of her fantastic work

some of Tisha's work




2010 UW Platteville ArtsBuild exhibit entry

handmade book

wedding annoucement portfolio


gift book for a friend's birthday

Untitled Abstract
1st place - 2008 Fox Valley Technical College Quilt Expo 
 OshKosh, Wisconsin

 digitized photograph

What will we be doing?

We will be having a special area with lots of room for scrapbookers, card makers and papercrafters to share ideas and enthusiasm for the things they love to do.  We may even find some things to do with all those beautiful leftover scraps of fabric!


  • handmade books that can be used as photo albums or scrap books
  • hamdmade cards and creative packaging ideas for giving them as gifts
  • templates and instructions for making gift bags, boxes and photo/music CD cases
  • rubber stamp carving

other instructional information

Information will be presented on photo editing/altering, printing your own papers, using materials you won't find in a scrapbook store and much, much more.  There'll be plenty of time for you to share your own creative ideas as well.  So come and join us!